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Quick. Affordable. Professional.

I was in charge of a bachelorette party and had to get shirts made. And as I am the world's biggest procrastinator, I didn't get around to it until less than a week beforehand. I was contemplating telling all the girls there wouldn't be shirts, but out of sheer desperation I asked friends and found out that New Way had such good reviews. I decided to give it a try...what else did I have to lose? I went onto and instantly knew they could do everything I needed.

We corresponded over the next few days via email, and he got the job done in less than a week. Everyone loved them at the bachelorette party!! The best part was, the shirts were a fraction of the cost of anywhere esle!!

David's professionalism, the high quality of the shirts, and prompt service are all reasons I highly recommend him for any silk screening job.

- Jennie L.


I needed about 15 t-shirts in a week's time for my office and David made it happen at a very reasonable price and with good quality.

He was easy to get a hold of via either phone or email and was quick to respond to any questions I sent him. All I had to do was email him the logo, tell him what color shirts and how many and he got everything for me. You really can't find anyone else in town who will deliver so quickly!

- Jimmy D.


Great work! Fast service and exceptional quality! I have already recommended his work to 3 other organizations which are also very satisfied! I never go else where but New Way Silk Screen Printing! Customer service is outstanding, and prices are the cheapest i have been able to find.

- Dan Q.


I had to get a small batch of tshirts silkscreened for my sister's bridal shower, and David was as nice as they come. He was patient with my questions and responded to e-mails and cell phones timely. Most other print shops either made nasty remarks for the small order, belittled me for not knowing anything about silkscreening, or tried to gouge me on the initial setup fees. He even accomodated a pickup on superbowl sunday!

- Nic S.


Phenomenal work and really affordable prices. Super high quality silk screening; the designs last for years and never flake or fade. Everything is done by hand and has to meet their high standards or it's done over. You just don't find integrity and workmanship like that anymore.

Also, they work with a quite a few non-profit organizations and donate a lot of their time to at-risk youth.

I have plans to build a t-shirt internet empire and New Way is the only company I'd trust with helping make that happen.

- Nancy T.


To cut to the quick of it, New Way Silk Screen Printing is just great.

David is really laid back and seems to actually become good friends with most of his clients. The studio has just about everything you need to get things screen-printed in a variety of ways--and is currently expanding.

I would definitely recommend New Way Silk Screen Printing to anyone!

- Mark S.


I recently placed a large order of shirts to be done for my organization and it was completed before they even said it would be. Excellent work for great prices. I've been dealing with David for 2 years now and it's always great customer service and quality merchandise.

- Frank C.


David was fun to work with, super speedy, and affordable.

- Lilly A.


I must say that the service is top notch. They will work with you patiently until you are satisfied with the results- yet the process is quite quick! Definitely a place to go if you want to make sure your teeshirt comes out looking the way you had envisioned!

- Drew D.


I got a rockin' shirts here!!!

I picked them up today and they are sweet.

- Derek C.


The main focus is custom T-shirts, and they have a strong following. The shirts look nice and they are super affordable!

- Fannie R.


thank you david! you are the best :)
i walked in with my shirts and told him what i wanted and he delivered it on time!

i'll be back soon!

- Jack K.


If you want a original high quality piece of work, go to David at New Way Silk Screen Printing. He will actually work on your idea and turn it into a masterpiece!

I love the way this store is designed, like stepping into a urban fairytale with fanciful mirrors, art and carousel ponies while you wait for your one of kind piece.

Thanks David! You rock!

The perfect place for the customized gifts! Truly the best in town.


- Mark S.


The shirts were high-quality and turned out fantastic. Besides the service and product, David is a fun time and full of advice and stories. Will definitely be using New Way Silk Screen Printing as sole supplier for my fun t-shirt designs in the future.

- Timothy M.


recently, i wanted to get shirts made for christmas. i had a great idea. it was super cheesy but fun. David picked out a few fun little fonts. the first choice was exactly what i was looking for. obviously, this guy was great at what he does.

a few days later, im picking up the worlds cheesiest but equally awesome gifts.


- Jenny C.


Have you ever said to yourself "I wish I had something like ____" and not been able to find it in the store because the images are off, or just too generic for your taste? Get out of the stores that make you feel like you're settling and wear what you want, whatever that may be!

Why not print your own ideas with New Way? You can take any image and have it put on t-shirts and have them print them for you.

In no time I was selling my Salvador Dali tee and getting massive compliments.

- David S.


I really appreciated how easy going David is, his great stories about moving to SF from Seattle, and in general his wise advice on silk screen printing and what looks best.

Now I need to go back again and again, not only for my own designs (I need to stop being so nice and getting stuff for other people and get my own stuff done), but because I heart David. New Way Silk Screen Printing is the best.

- Ginny M.


David was able to help me out... and for much cheaper than I was expecting to pay. I kept asking if I could tip him or do something to show my gratitude-- I really thought the process would be more painful.

Highly recommend My New Way Silk Screen Printing -- I can hardly wait until I have the opportunity to use them again!

- Becca K.


5 stars. The friendly guy (David I think) helped me print the t-shirts for me.

I highly, I highly recommend. Everything was well-thought out and customized t-shirts rock. This isn't just slap some words on and iron it, they really work with you to make your ideas as special as possible.

- Stephanie S.


David is a blast to work with... He helped me make shirts for my family that said "I LOVE PUTO" (accompanied by a little puto graphic, so cute.) He did it quickly and affordably.

5 days later, I got hoodies made too! LOVE New Way Silk Screen Printing!

Great place for professionalism that you most definitely can't find anywhere else. Trust.

- Jackson H.


The owner David is fabulous (accent on the fabu). He is creative, funny, helpful and probably helps little old ladies across the street.

New Way Silk Screen Printing will give you quality prints until your heart's content. David will be patient and make helpful suggestions on why bright pink on lime green is maybe not the most flattering color combination.

They'll print on anything... anything!

- Alex B.


I called New Way Silk Screen Printing, because their reputation (rightly so) precedes them. "I, uh, need a t-shirts printed ASAP." "Okay, any idea what you want on it?" "Well, I have the artwork." "Okay, e-mail it over."

I e-mail it over, with the note, "here is the artwork of...well, I think the picture speaks for itself." David gets immediately back to me, and tells me what I suspect...they will take the job.

New Way Silk Screen Printing is so concerned and cool about you getting something amazing that you unequivocally love, and I really think that's at the heart of their success.

You must go there. It's as simple as that.

- Michael S.


I walk by the store every day on my way to work, but only recently did I walk in. David was so friendly and so helpful and so welcoming! I made my shirts and my mind is spinning, trying to think of other potential creations.

I left with not only orders, but also a new obsession!

- Harry D.


Hit them up some time, very fun time! New Way Silk Screen Printing's services are spot on!

- Peter P.


I emailed David a photoshopped design and soon afterwards I was walking out of there with the most beautiful shirts I have ever seen in my life. New Way Silk Screen Printing offered up compliments as well as tips on size and placement and color. Cheap? Yes. Worth it? Definitey!


- Amir G.


David is not only efficient but he's terribly talented, and a super-nice guy.

Go to him for every want/need for graphics, tee shirt printing and anything else creative.

New Way Silk Screen Printing is awesome!

- Misty P.


For the longest time I wanted t-shirts with a cowgirl on it. I'm not into country music or anything, I just think cowgirls are cool. They ride horses, wear hats and have pistols strapped to thier hip.

I long to be a cowgirl one day.

I finally found the image and it was turned into a single color grahic and then printed on t-shirts I selected from their stock.

While my t-shirts were being prepared I chatted with David and had a great time.

Not only did I leave with new kick-ass t-shirts - I felt as though I had made a new friend.

Gracias New Way Silk Screen guys rock!!

- Sam A.


David has saved my butt way too many times.
Always there to help me print dope designs in a pinch.

- Jennifer H.


This place is awesome. Pick a color and a design (or if you're graphically design capable such as myself, design your own) and wah-lah! The store is a sweet little space. And David is excellent. He'll definitely give you his two cents on your design, but he knows his stuff and we'll do whatever it takes to help you out. He has a variety of t-shirt colors to choose from.

- Connie Y.


They made my dream of selling t-shirts a reality... What more can I say than that?

Thanks again!

- Tim J.


You pick the color and style of your tshirt and then they do the work.

Go by this month and see the what they can do.

- George D.


I have to say it was quick on the spot and affordable for a last minute request. I got my t-shirts in no time!

and yes the t-shirts said "MISS THINGS"

- Wilson G.


This is really a great company, and David is very easy to work with whilst making your vision a reality.

Walked in wanting shirts and ordered a bunch of additional clothing to be printed on as well.

- Ryan P.


New Way Silk Screen Printing is amazing. It takes clothing to a whole new level. I'm not very creative but they help you think up brilliantly creative ways of customizing messages and art onto clothing -- tanks, t-shirts, hoodies, boy shorts, etc. David is SUPER friendly, incredibly helpful and knows how to make the entire process so much fun.

I love this place....

- Oliver E.


I've gone to New Way Silk Screen Printing twice in the past. The first time I wandered in to have tshirts made and ended up having even more stuff made.

David was highly entertaining and played awesome music. And the tshirts I gave as presents scored BIG TIME.

I got calls and texts all day long thanking me for the tshirts.

Bottom line - go here. Yes, there are other places that screen a design on tshirts, but the effort and originality and creativity in this place is unreal. New Way Silk Screen Printing is love.

Thank you so much.

- Martha A.


Awesome! Great service and amazing products! Keep it up!

- Will I.


Total gratification---I simply cannot believe how fast & easy it was to get the t-shirts I waning.

I came in with nothing but an idea and soon afterwards - I had exactly what I wanted.

- Eli H.


This is the greatest business within 5 miles of my house. I'm not kidding. I went in with a vague idea of what I wanted (trust me, I'm no artist) and David was beyond helpful and creative. In fact, two days after I had my bags made, a man offered me $100 for them.

I will be back to New Way Silk Screen Printing a million times, at least.

- Marcie P.


David seemed even more excited about my design than I did. He was very helpful, didn't mind that I looked over his shoulder while he worked, and genuinely took an interest in what I was try to accomplish. I feel that this kind of knowledge always enhances work and you know that real appreciation is going into it. He was also very helpful when I was trying to decide on color combinations. A great and talented man indeed.

When I got the shirts I was so happy. So go in and create something wonderful and unique!

- Gale F.


A couple months back I asked David to print me a t-shirts based off a couple of designs I showed him. I wanted to give him a mental snapshot of what was going on in my brain, but he didn't need it; he has a special lens into your creative subconscious.

Anyway, he made the shirts and I was happy.

Go there and pay him money. You'll be happy with New Way Silk Screen Printing.

- Brendan R.


The two times I have worked with New Way Silk Screen Printing went so well I just had write a review.

Both times, I had my own designs ready and supplied my own blanks, but they were still happy to work with me. They have such an awesome set-up and are very skilled and extremely friendly. Their shop's atmosphere oozes with fun and creativity.

I will most certainly work with them again!

- Sherri H.


so i had an idea for a shirts. David sat with me and we came up with designs and fonts, and colors. really great ideas. i was really hesitant with how it would come out as a final product though, when i picked them up they were PERFECT. everyone really dug the shirts. there is a reason he does what he does.

- Lance G.


The reason I originally chose New Way Silk Screen Printing was because they were the only ones I could find who could get my shirt done in time.

A few months ago I needed more printing done within 2 days.

Brilliant! --and the best place to go if you're in a hurry!

- Alex P.


New Way Silk Screen Printing was a nice, welcoming atmosphere to step into, and I was really surprised how quickly, and conveniently Mica created my shirts.

- Ling C.


I can't thank New Way Silk Screen Printing enough for delivering the best T-shirts of the Tournament. If you need a place that will put together T-shirts for any sporting event, then go to David. They had a quick turnaround time and the quality was fantastic.

- Mark V.


New Way Silk Screen Printing - how do I love thee? There's no other place like this -- they make your shirts - using your design idea, they have excellent quality shirts, AND they have the style and technical expertise to make it all the best that it can be. Uhmm, perfection.

- Sally D.


I came in to New Way Silk Screen Printing to make a little hoodies. I loved it so much I ordered 300 more shirts!

My suggestion is to walk in with an idea. Even if it's just a word or a thought of a thought. They are great with helping you find images and get ideas.

Bonus: David is just really fun to talk to!

- Ralph H.


Haven't been back to New Way Silk Screen Printing since I moved from the neighborhood 2 or so years ago, but from what I remember, this place rocks.

The owner, David, was friendly and accommodating.

- Tricia T.


Everything I've seen come out of New Way Silk Screen Printing has been beautifully executed, and perfect in every way. I'm so glad that we have access to a place like New Way Silk Screen Printing. What an amazing and unique place!!

We heart David!!

- Linda K.


I went in today to print my jackets. David is witty, stylish, friendly and efficient!

If you haven't gone go New Way Silk Screen Printing yet, do yourself a favor and hurry your ass up!

- Kate R.


I always fancied doing a clothing business and now this store inspires me to make my own clothes I LOVE IT. Great Fun. Great people.

- Tommy J.


Simply put, this place rules. I like the whole graphic t-shirt thing!

Did I mention that this place rules? You come in with whatever design you want, and they put it on shirts for you. That allows you to be as meaningful as you want to be. Very cool.

Overall, like I said, New Way Silk Screen Printing rules.

- Jeremy R.


Their service was excellent; they gave us so much input and great info, and my friends and I loved our shirts. Love them!

- Barbara S.


sweet guy, sweet shop, sweet shirts. thanks, David.

- Shauna H.


I went in today to get a t-shirts made for my business! I got great service, the shirts are better then I would have put together myself. I also got a great Obama shirt made for my charity event!

Great service, nice, and amazing end products.

- Sammy J.


David is fabulous. The experience of getting the shirts made was excellent.

Gotta love New Way Silk Screen Printing.

- Abe O.


"Everybody (heart)s peaches"

That's what my shirts say.

New Way Silk Screen Printing rules. Go. See. For. Yourself.

- Dan D.


David at New Way Silk Screen Printing made my wildest tee-shirt dreams come true!

He spent a solid thirty minutes with me, creating my tees from a friend's drawing, picking out the perfect tee shirt color and finishing the whole project off immediately.

I finally had the tee-shirts of my dreams for my business.

- Loki L.


Sometimes in life you just need that perfect service. New Way Silk Screen Printing provides it.

I've since sent a number of friends, family, well pretty much whoever their way and all with the same result...They love what they end up with.

Thank. You. So. Much. New Way Silk Screen Printing!

- David G.


New Way Silk Screen Printing is my new favorite place in the city. My mind is spinning with the realization that all the T-shirt designs I've had in my head for years can now be born into the real world with ease. With the help of Ringmaster David that is.

- Lisa A.


I had the school's uniforms made at New Way Silk Screen Printing and thus began my only true affair of the heart. Since then I've outfitted my friends and my business associates in whatever my imagination can dream up...and David makes it real.

- Evan P.


New Way Silk Screen Printing is the best! David makes you feel like the rock star that you are. Go there now!

- Ethan E.


I went in last Friday to get some snarky tshirts made for a fullly booked weekend of embarrassing myself in as many venues as possible and David was there for me 100%. Not only did he make me some rad t-shirts, he offered excellent customer service.

- Denise H.


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